Design Changes

Over the last 3 months Tutor on Time has teamed up with the Summer Institute to revamp and evolve the Tutor on Time offering. From an all new layout and design, to amazing new features like on-demand textline tutoring, Tutor on Time is ready to revolutionize tutoring.

Here are some new features you can expect to see in the near future:

Textline Tutoring

Simply text your question on our website and get connected to a expert tutor who can work with you to solve your problem. and after the text conversation if you still have questions, we can connect you to a different expert.

Weekly Class Summaries

Meet with a tutor to go over the topics covered in a class each week to gain a better understanding of the course material. You can also ask questions about any upcoming tests or assignments that your struggling with. You can either subscribe and go every week or just drop into a session to ask a couple of questions.

More then Academics

We will add more tutors to our platform that can teach skills that are not directly related to school. This could be things like learning to cook, learning a musical instrument or even learning a new language.

Test bank

Our tutors will be able to submit test and assignments from when they took a class. Each test will be accompanied by solutions provided by the tutor and for each test or assignment you will be able to speak to the tutor to ask specific questions if you don't understand their solution.

If you would like to vote on what features you want added to the website, click here


Here's a sneak peak at the new look:

The design team is still hard at work making more wonderful designs like you see above, so nothing here is final! When they finalize the looks of our website, rest assured, you'll notice the next time you visit our site.