Do’s & Don'ts at University

Don’t be scared to ask for extensions:

Many professors allow delayed submissions for a valid reason. Valid reasons could be: sickness, family emergencies, or “my computer crashed” always work. University students go through a lot and most professors understand that. Now you may have a genuine reason …….. or not! ***** But beware; “I partied too hard last night” doesn’t usually work. 


DO NOT bring Alcohol to exams:

Yeah, this has happened before, and it's NOT advisable. The extreme pressure of exams makes people do crazy things - like drinking during an exam. As crazy as it may sound, it does work out for some people, and they ace their exams. But the aftermath is not so nice. You may have to pay a visit to the Dean's office afterward or even worse,  get an Academic Offence on your transcript, which is way worse than getting an F.


Be smart about Assignments:

It is always tempting to just copy off your friend’s assignments. Things get busy, and it’s the easy way out, but be smart about it. Asking for help is fine, but copying is not a great idea. Remember, your friend (doesn’t matter how smart) will make mistakes. There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting caught for having the exact same silly mistake as your friend ( Lowkey advertisement: use the Tutor on Time Assignment checker, you can upload your assignment and a tutor will help you with understanding every step of the solution, it’s a great way to prepare for upcoming tests). NEVER copy coding assignments from a friend, because you will 100% get caught for it.


Always go to on-campus Events: 

First of all, there’s always FREE food. You can survive a major portion of your university life by just attending these events. There are so many organized by the university, different clubs, and societies that you can find one happening almost every day. These events are also great for networking opportunities. You won’t believe how many important connections you can make like meeting your future employer or making a great friend.